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teacher teaching sign language to child with hearing aid and his mother

Mission & impact

SF Kids Collaborative is a locally led collective of families, self-advocates, providers, and agencies dedicated to amplifying the voices of families of children with special healthcare needs.

Our vision

Through centering family voices and building collaboration between families of children with special healthcare needs, providers, and local agencies, we strive to create a replicable impact model that improves lives throughout our city and beyond.
our vision 1 building capacity for families to engage
Building capacity for families to engage
our vision 2 improving coordination across systems
Improving coordination across systems
our vision 3 creating a sustainable collaborative
Creating a sustainable collaborative

Collaborative efforts

SF Kids Collaborative is comprised of over 165 collective members including 20 families representing children and youth with special healthcare needs and centering experiences of Black/African American and monolingual Spanish and Cantonese-speaking families.
Subcommittees will meet regularly beginning Fall, 2023

Early Childhood Development

Focusing on the comprehensive well-being and development of children from birth to five years old.

School-Age Youth

Focusing on the well-being, education, and development of children and youth between the ages of 5 and 14, encompassing elementary and middle school years.

Transition Age Youth

Concentrating on the well-being, development, and support of individuals in the transition from adolescence to young adulthood, encompassing ages 15 to 26.

Parent/ Caregiver

Advocating for the needs and rights of parents and caregivers within the context of the larger organization or committee.

Behavioral/ Mental Health

Addressing and promoting mental health, emotional well-being, and behavioral health issues within the CYSHCN community.

Medical Need

Facilitating the coordination of care across multiple healthcare providers, services, and settings to ensure continuity of care for individuals with complex medical needs.

Data Workgroup

Collecting, analyzing, and utilizing data related to the healthcare needs and outcomes of children and youth who have special healthcare needs (CYSHCN).

Steering Committee

Defining the strategic goals, priorities, and vision for healthcare services and support for CYSHCN within the organization.

San Francisco Agencies

Get involved

We’re seeking agencies that serve children and youth – regardless of whether they think of themselves as disability-focused – to support Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs [CYSHCN] in San Francisco.
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